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Flooring Installation Accessories

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  1. Centura 2.5inchX216feet Tuck Tape

    $17.92 Sold by Each
    SKU: 220502
  2. EasyHeat Detecto Cable Monitor

    $35.90 Sold by Each
    SKU: DT1
  3. Marshalltown Gunite Spiked Shoes

    $57.11 Sold by Pair
    SKU: MA6186
  4. Richards 9.5 inch Flexi-Frame + Lint Free

    $21.03 Sold by Piece
    SKU: RI92031
  5. Rubi 7/81/2 inch Flat Body Chisel

    $38.35 Sold by Piece
    SKU: 70922
  6. Tego 100 pound Linoleum Roller

    $932.00 Sold by Each
    SKU: 053100
  7. Tego 20 inch Spiked Roller

    $136.28 Sold by Each
    SKU: 03015320
  8. Tego 75 pound Linoleum Roller

    $773.39 Sold by Each
    SKU: 053075
  9. Tego Extendable Floor Roller

    $79.24 Sold by Each
    SKU: 053020
  10. Tego Topset Gauge

    $66.24 Sold by Each
    SKU: 050470
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12 Items

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Whether you’re a beginner or a professional tile installer, flooring installation accessories can make your project run smoother. At Centura Tools, we provide flooring tools and accessories from the best brands on the global market including KDS, Marshalltown, Watson, Centura, Rubi, and more! We choose items that the professionals use and aim to make sure we have every necessary tool for tiling projects. In some cases, we may not have the item you’re looking for—if that’s the case, just let us know! We can make a special order and get you the product you need.

Some of our flooring installation accessories include floor scrapers with replacement blades, G-tape, polishing pads, tile and countertop repair kits, base guns, vinyl knives, scribing tools, and much more. Visit our store and see for yourself just how many installation accessories we have to make your project easier!