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Moisture Testing

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  1. Wagner pH Test Kit 25 Strips

    $54.62 Sold by Kit
    SKU: 880R0025001
  2. Wagner pH Test Kit 5 Strips

    $45.12 Sold by Kit
    SKU: 880R0005001
  3. Wagner Rapid RH 3/4 inch SDS Masonry Dril Bit

    $127.26 Sold by Each
    SKU: 713R0000001
  4. Wagner Rapid RH4ex Complete Starter Kit

    $1,498.97 Sold by Each
    SKU: 880R0002008F
  5. Wagner Rapid RH4ex Easy Reader Orange

    $328.04 Sold by Each
    SKU: 860R0040002
  6. Wagner Rapid RH4ex Extensions 10 pack

    $40.40 Sold by Package
    SKU: 712R0015001
  7. Wagner Rapid RH4ex Sensor 10 pack-No Reader

    $858.68 Sold by Each
    SKU: 880R0030008
  8. Wagner Rapid RH4ex Sensor 25 pack-No Reader

    $2,147.44 Sold by Each
    SKU: 880R0040008
  9. Wagner Rapid RH4ex Sensor 5 pack-no reader

    $562.75 Sold by Each
    SKU: 880R0000008
  10. Wagner Rapid RH4ex Sensors 5 Readers per pack

    $868.17 Sold by Each
    SKU: 880R0001008F
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About 85% of all resilient flooring installation failures are caused by moisture problems and that’s why proper moisture testing, planning, and procedures are vital to helping your installation be a successful one. As a flooring contractor or beginner tiler, it’s your job to inspect and test the job site moisture conditions before you begin installing a flooring system to ensure compliance with industry standards. At Centura Tools, we provide our customers with quality moisture testing tools that make this job easier. Our Wagner moisture testing kits are one of the most used and most reliable on the market. Come by our store to see the products we have to offer and get your installation project started on the right foot.