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How long should it take to receive an order?
The amount of time it takes to receive your order will vary depending on the availability of the product and the location in which the product is being shipped.

Will ordering more than one of the same products affect my order fulfillment time?
If you are ordering multiples of a product it is very unlikely that it will affect your order fulfillment time.

Can I get my order faster than ground shipping?
If you would like your order shipped by a faster method, please make note of this in the Additional Order Notes section on the billing information screen when you check out your items. We will make calculations of expedited shipping rates for you and inform you of those before your items are shipped. To speed up this process, ensure that you have provided the correct e-mail or telephone number on your Account Information page.

Can I place an order over the phone?
Yes, you can place orders over the phone during our operational hours found at the top left of your screen. Simply call us at (416) 785-3311.

What if I order an incorrect tool?
If you accidentally purchased the wrong tool, you can make changes or cancel your order by replying to your order confirmation e-mail. You can also contact us at [email protected] or (416) 785-3311 to speak with one of our agents.

An item is showing “Out of Stock”. When will it be available?
We try to constantly maintain inventory of over 10,000 sku’s we stock. Sometimes unforeseen or large orders can clear us out of stock before a new order from our supplier has been placed. The turnaround for inventory can be anywhere from one week to three months depending on the location the product is manufactured. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or (416) 785-3311 to get a more accurate time frame.


How much will it cost to ship my product?
Your price depends on distance travelled, weight, and size factored directly from Purolator.

Are there any other costs related to shipping that I need to know about?
In most cases there are no additional costs related to shipping that you need to worry about. If there are any increases in rates or shipping charges (ie., in cases where an item is very heavy and needs special transportation) you will be made aware of it before checkout.

What do I do if my product has not arrived on time?
If your product has not arrived on time, contact us and we will help you track your item and find out the reason for delay.

Does Centura Tools do same-day delivery?
Yes, there is a possibility with a premium rate depending on the time the order is placed. Please contact us for quotes and availability.

What are your shipping options?
We ship most of our products via Purolator or our own trucks. You have the option of choosing the type of shipping you want at checkout. If you need your items delivered to your address quickly, we have faster shipping options for you to choose from at a higher rate.

Can you ship to multiple addresses?
We can ship to multiple addresses; however, you must create a separate order for each address.

Do you ship outside Canada?
Yes, we ship all over the USA. Some duties and fees may be due upon delivery depending on cost of goods.

How can I track the shipping for my item?
You should receive an e-mail with an order confirmation once it has been placed in our system, followed by a tracking number for your shipment once it is shipped from our location. Please keep your order ID on file and you can always contact us at [email protected] or by phone at (416) 785-3311 with that number as a reference.

Return and Exchange

What is your policy on returns and exchanges?
If the item has not been used, you may return or exchange it. According to our return policy, you can return an item up to 30 days after purchase as long as it is unused and remains in its original packaging. You will need to accompany it with a receipt and your original method of payment. Returns can be submitted by shipping the product back to us and contacting Customer Support or leaving a message on our Contact Us web page.

If my shipment arrived damaged, what should I do?
Most of our tools have a supplier warranty for 1-2 years for any manufacturer defects, but they range depending on the supplier and the product.

Can I return an item because I don't like it?
In most cases, especially if the item has been opened or used it is considered unsellable to someone else and we are unable to take it back.

Why don’t you offer a money back guarantee?
We do not offer a money back guarantee because some customers will buy expensive tools to use for one job and try to return them with false reasons such as, “The item did not work as I expected.” Once the job is complete. It is in our policy that once a tool is used, it is considered final sale.


What methods of payment do you accept?
All major credit cards and PayPal.

Does your online store charge any taxes?
In Canada you will automatically be charged the tax that your province charges as long as it is being shipped to that province. In the USA you will be subject to our standard HST tax that is charged in Ontario.

Web Site

How secure is your web site?
Your information, including credit card and shipping information, is used strictly for business only. We do not sell, share or distribute your information to any unverified third-party services.

What do I do if I get an error on the web site?
If you encounter any errors while visiting our web site, we suggest you close and restart your browser. In most cases this will correct any issues you are experiencing. If you have any issues while ordering online, you can call your order in and we can help you. Feel free to notify our Customer Support team if you have any errors on our web site by contacting us via our online form page.

What do I do if the temporary password I received does not work?
If you experience any issues with your log in using the temporary password we provided you, please verify the following information before requesting assistance:

  • Verify that you have correctly spelled your username;
  • Verify that the password you entered matches exactly. Check for capitalization as well, as some mobile devices will automatically try to capitalize the first letter on any input field.

Who can assure me product warranty?
As product suppliers, we cannot guarantee product warranty for our customers, aside from what the manufacturers provide. If you need product warranty assurance for a damaged or defective product, contact the manufacturer for assistance. Use your online order as a confirmation of purchase.


What if I purchased an item that doesn’t work?
If you buy an item that doesn’t work due to manufacturing issues or breaks down within the warranty period, we will have the tool replaced or repaired as per the supplier. If the tool is used and is broken by the user, the customer will be responsible for repairs or replacements. If the item was damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately or refuse to accept shipment. DO NOT attempt to repair the item yourself or use it in any way.

What do I do if the item I purchased doesn’t work the way I thought it would?
Please note that all ceramics, porcelain, and stone products are manufactured in different ways, therefore some products may work better with others. We suggest if you would like to try a new product, come into our store and we will be happy to let you test one at 950 Lawrence Ave West. Once an item has been used it can no longer be returned, so we suggest trying all items before buying them.

Final Sales and Discounts

Why are used items final sale?
It is impossible to know the integrity of used equipment. Since job site conditions vary, items could have been dropped or damaged without any noticeable signs. To protect our customers, we can’t take back used items to insure they always get top-quality products straight from the manufacturers.

Why are grouts, mortars, and glue final sale?
Grout, mortar, and glue are products that can be affected by the temperature and weather in which they are stored. As there is no way to verify that products were maintained properly, we refuse any returns in order to protect future customers who could potentially buy the same products. If not stored properly moisture could affect the products, therefore affecting the performance of said products. Only order grout, mortar, glue, etc. as you need it. Always read instructions on the bag or container.

Why is my discount different from the discount I get at Centura?
If you have an account with Centura, please send us your company name, address, and account number and we will adjust your discount accordingly. E-mail information to [email protected].


How do I install tile?
Please see our Training Seminars section of our web site to register for upcoming courses or training seminars located at our TEC/Centura Training Centre at 50 Apex Road, Toronto, ON.

What is the best tile cutter?
All tiles are different, even tiles made by the same manufacturer. The performance of manual tile cutters may vary depending on the tile. The best way to find out what cutter works best is to try it. Feel free to bring a tile into our store located at 950 Lawrence Ave West to test it out.

I am unsure how a product works. Where can I get more information?
Please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at (416) 785-3311. We have knowledgeable technical sales staff that can walk you through a problem. Please keep in mind that depending on the traffic in the store, we may be busy and have to return your call or e-mail at a later time but know that we strive to have an answer for you within 24 hours. There are different types of cutters; some may be easier to use for some people but difficult to use for others. As with all new equipment, there may be a learning curve to get familiar with the way your cutter cuts tiles.

I can’t find an item I am looking for. What do I do?
Centura Tools has an advantage above all our competitors in Canada. We have the ability to listen to what our customers want and have the power as a National Distributor to obtain new lines and products from around the world. If we do not have a product you are looking for, let us know and we can get it for you or at least find out who can.

How do I know which item is best for my job?
Most of our products have a good description for their use. You can use the “Compare Products” tab and look at the main differences between multiple products. The performance of certain products will vary depending on application or job site conditions.

Where do your products come from?
We source products from all over the world, we try to find the best quality items for a fair price. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to listen to our customers and source new products as the demand grows. Please feel free to contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for at [email protected].