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Collomix Bird Cage Paddle XLarge Batch (Mix 35 to 50lt)

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Ideal for self-levelling materials, underlayments, tile-adhesives, fillers, epoxy coatings, sealings.

Suitable for Collomix X06 Hand Held Mixer.

The KR mixing paddle generates high shear forces which prevent the formation of lumps and ensure that the material is homogenized quickly.

  • The crossbar helps scrape material cleanly off the bottom of the tub.
  • The mixing tool has good corner smoothness in the tub.
  • Easy to clean because material hardly sticks.
  • Mixing quantity 35 - 50 litres.
  • Diammeter 160 mm.

Ideal for: leveling compounds, bitumen coatings, grouting compounds, joint cement,fillers, thick plaster, and fibrated materials.

Also works for: Epoxy resins, caulks, tile adhesivers, ready-mix mortars, gypsum lime plaster, and thin set.

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Manufacturer Collomix
Mixers & Grouting Machines : Type Mixing Paddles
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