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Collomix Dust.EX Dust Extraction Tool

$90.39 Sold by Each
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While filling a bucket with powdered material, dust.EX extracts any dust produced directly from the bucket.

  • Clean environment
  • Health protection
  • Mobile device

While opening the bag, filling the powdered material or starting the mixing process, it is simply impossible to avoid generating potentially harmful amounts of dust. This can negatively affect workers’ health and lead to contamination of the workplace. This can be a real problem, particularly when working indoors. The dust.EX dust extraction device is simply clamped to the edge of the mixing bucket in combination with a vacuum cleaner. The clamping spring enables attachment to almost any mixing bucket. Switch the vacuum cleaner on for virtually dust-free working while filling or mixing. dust.EX reliably removes any escaping material.

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Price Label Sold by Each
Manufacturer Collomix
Mixers & Grouting Machines : Type Accessories
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