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Schluter Troba Level PL 10mm Stack Paver Support (10 units)

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Schluter TROBA-LEVEL-PL 10 is a stackable paver support (height = 3/8" ~ 10 mm) that is used for low assembly heights, and feature 1/8" (3 mm) joint spacers to provide consistent joint widths throughout the installation. Supports can be stacked to a maximum height of 7-7/8" (200 mm).

The Schluter-TROBA-LEVEL paver support system enables the installation of self-supporting paver tiles for exterior applications. System components can be combined in various configurations to compensate for sloped substrates up to 5%, precisely level corners of adjacent paver tiles, and allow flush installation of pavers with different thicknesses. The elevated assembly provides easy access to the substrate, as well as drainage and ventilation. Due to the open joints between the tiles and pavers, surface water can freely drain on to the substrate and, if fitted, into the drainage system beneath.

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Manufacturer Schluter
Exterior Applications Pedestals
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